Collegium Cincinnati Presents

The Cincinnati Bach Festival

Michelangelo. Shakespeare. Bach.

trio2From time to time, we as humans must revisit the works of the greatest of our artists in order to see what they saw and know what they knew. What Shakespeare is to the English-speaking world, Bach is to the music-speaking world: a poet, an essayist, a theologian, and, most importantly, the father of a musical language upon which the generations of artists that followed built their own voices.

No Bach? No Beethoven; no Irving Berlin; no Beatles.

The purpose of the Cincinnati Bach Festival is to find new meaning and relevance in the works of the greatest composer that has ever lived, and to share the transformative experience among audiences young and old.

Season 1 | The Family Bach

In the inaugural season of the Cincinnati Bach Festival, we will answer the question, “Who is Bach”? Who is this man who, never having traveled more than a hundred miles from home, still managed to assimilate musical ideas from all over Europe and craft them into a comprehensive music style? What was his family like, and who taught him the skills that ultimately made him the greatest single influence on western music?

We invite you to explore the answers to these questions at one or more of our many events this March. You will find the concerts unique, inspiring, and uplifting, as you engage in an intimate setting with the talented artists of Collegium Cincinnati and their special guests.

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